Frustrations of playing in orchestra in a far away place..

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    r-pista on #151445

    If you have time to read this post, I’d really love to hear from my
    fellow harpists -especially those of you who have played in orchestra
    in a foreign country.
    This is not a rant (though I have much to say on the subject), but I
    think it would be useful (and maybe funny) to open up this discussion
    to others who have shared similar experiences. And maybe to make me
    feel like I’m not alone.

    I have been playing in an orchestra in Latin America for 2.5 years. Of
    course I am extremely happy to have a job doing what I love and there
    are some great things about being here, but on the flip-side, the
    politics and bureaucratic issues here are so frustrating that at times
    I want to run far far away.

    r-pista on #151446

    In last paragraph, I meant to say “latter” not “former”

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #151447


    85s have been known to have the eyelets crack, but I thought that had been stopped some time ago. Lyon & Healy will make a kit for you with some of every part so you can buy everything at one time, and have them on hand. That is much better than waiting for each part.

    One way of dealing with the politics is to learn how the system works, and make friends with the right people to get what you want. Otherwise, perhaps a letter from L & H spelling out the proper storage of their instruments and the cost of repair and replacement would wake them up.

    If you are in Mexico, you might get in touch with Janet Paulus, who might be able to give you good advice on coping. Certainly, quite a few American harpists have held jobs down South.

    I knew

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #151448

    I just figured out your name. Funny.

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