Frustration searching in Canada for Pedal Harps….

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    Danamarie on #230500

    I am so frustrated in my search for a good used pedal harp, preferably a Salvi Daphne model here in Canada. The classified ads (gosh there are SO many available harps for sale in the U.S.!) here are all for American customers. For us in Canada, we have the exchange rate, shipping fees, border fees and insurance which makes an instrument purchased here at least another $4-5 thousand dollars to get it into Canada! 🙁 It just doesn’t seem fair that a Canadian has to pay so much more for the same instrument that a U.S. citizen buys…..

    There should be a classified section for us in Canada. Is that a possibility? where Canadian Harp players can advertise their instruments because I have only seen maybe 1 or 2 in the past 2 years here. We love and want to play a good quality, beautiful instruments too, but the only place to really search is ‘kijiji’ where some are posted but infrequently. Does anyone know of Canadian harp dealers who carry new and used harps that are in stock, and don’t have to be ordered from the States and brought into Canada? and if there are dealers, how come they aren’t listing their available harps to the public?

    andy-b on #230508

    Have you tried contacting Harp Canada at They have two locations, Toronto and Markham. The website says the have S
    alvi harps, both new and pre-owned.

    Danamarie on #230573

    Hi there
    I have checked each week. They don’t seem to advertise any of their used pedal harps or lever harps that they have listed for sale, or their prices. You have to get in touch with them for any info on what they have listed for sale, as they don’t post them, which is unbelievable. I prefer seeing an instrument with photos online before I make a 4 hour drive there and a 4 hour drive back, so I can get a general idea if it is worth my while to make a road trip to TO or not.
    Thanks for the info. though. 🙂

    hearpe on #230575

    Better chase one down before the gales of November come early.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #230637

    It’s not much better if we want to order Canadian products.

    Hannah Warren on #230722

    Canadian here! It definitely is hard. I found my Daphne 40 on Facebook Marketplace of all places, and had to drive 4 hours there and back from Ottawa to just on the Vermont border to pick it up. My teacher has passed along a couple harps for sale to me with her recommendations, maybe your teacher could do the same? Alternatively reaching out to pedal harp teachers in your area might bring some leads, depending on the size of Daphne you’re looking for.

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