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    Hi all,

    recently I`ve been trying a digital piano just for fun and the first thing I thought was “why they don`t make the C and the F of a different color?!!?” it would be a lot easier to find the correct note to press eheh 🙂

    Anyway I was curious to know if someone of you learned the piano after the harp; does the harp experience help in learning to play the piano?

    Thank you




    I’ve only been playing the harp for a few weeks and I have only taught myself the very basics of the piano, so my opinion might be different to those of other peoples.

    But I think it would help to learn the piano after learning the harp. Besides the technique and how you play flat and sharp notes, it’s the same.

    You don’t really need to mark the C and F, but it probably would help. I remembered them by making words which relate to their position. They’re strange, but they helped lol

    D = Defense, because it’s ‘defended’ by two black keys

    B= Bottom, because it’s at the bottom of three black keys.

    F= Front, because it’s at the front of three black keys

    They must be quite similar because when I first started, even though I had already had one lesson, my Mum was a lot better than me because she can play the piano. The only thing I was better at was the hand technique.


    Other way around for me, but I can tell you that now I am working on Britten’s Ceremony of Carols on the harp. In the choir practices at church where I am the accompanist, I was playing the accompaniment on the piano. I kept forgetting to play the accidentals in the key signature because I was used to just using the pedals for that. But I made the switch in enough time not to sound like an idiot. LOL….And once when I was teaching music in a middle school, I was playing for the choir and was all set and ready to start a piece, when I was doing the last minute check and almost “checked my pedals” which was pretty stupid too. HAHAHA……

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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