Frequently breaking harp strings

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    mary-ann-brogan on #157031

    I am

    alice-freeman on #157032

    This is excessive. Contact either your harp store or Lyon and Healy directly.

    I had 11 strings break on a new harp in a 5 month period and the manufacturer ended up changing the type (and tension) of the strings in the worst offending area. They were too close to their natural breaking point.

    — Alice in windy Wyoming.

    Tacye on #157033

    I have just found one of my old harp diaries – for the 2nd year I had my 85CG.

    mary-ann-brogan on #157034

    Thank you for your response and your input. . I do leave enough slack and in a few instances left a little too much slack. I do have a call in to the technician at the harp store. One of the thought

    mary-ann-brogan on #157035


    kreig-kitts on #157036

    Are you using gut the whole way up? My second octave is the highest I’ve gone in gut and it breaks the most, so I got a nylon second octave to replace it and will begin changing the octave once my spare gut supply runs low enough.

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