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    unknown-user on #161350

    Hi to everyone on HC,

    I am a student harpist who uses the French method, I’m just wondering if I were to attend a summer course/camp/extended masterclass (2 weeks or more) with a Salzedo method teacher, would the teacher change my technique? Would he/she feel comfortable teaching a student who uses the French method? I know it depends on the teacher but what is your opinion?

    carl-swanson on #161351

    The short answer is: It depends on the teacher. But you should clarify this with the teacher before signing up for this course. Tell the teacher what you are willing or unwilling to do. For a short summer course, I can’t imagine any teacher of any method trying to change the student’s technique, and I think it’s unconscionable for any teacher to presume that it is in the best interest of the student.

    These summer harp camps are primarily a place to polish pieces, work on interpretation, play some ensemble stuff, perform, etc. They are NOT a place to make fundamental changes to a student’s technique.

    unknown-user on #161352

    Thank you Carl

    carl-swanson on #161353

    If you go to this or any other summer harp camp you should have a list of pieces that you can play for the instructor that are pretty much finished. You know the notes and rhythm cold, and may in fact have the pieces memorized, so the teacher at the camp can focus entirely on polishing the pieces and getting them to performance level, and so you can perform them while you are at the camp. You don’t want to start a piece cold, from the beginning at a summer harp camp and spend the whole time just getting the basics down. That’s a waste of time and money.

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