French String Numbering System

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    martin-solomon on #74718

    Can someone please explain the numbering system on the spare strings that I have just bought for my Camac Melusine, as I am confused?

    I am used to strings being labelled according to octaves – eg ‘B First Octave’,

    ‘C Second Octave’ etc.

    But the new strings are labelled B#7, C#6 F#24, G#23 etc, and I am told that this is called the French system.


    Martin Solomon

    Bristol, England

    paul-knoke on #74719

    Hi Martin

    The number refers to the number of strings down from the top of the harp. The highest string is #1. I think this system was instituted by some harp makers in an effort to make things easier for beginner harpists who might not be familiar with the octave designations taken from the pedal harp.



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