French Erard Harp serial number 1 522

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    al-buron on #68018

    I have not been able to get in France the year of building for this Gothic harp.
    Who can help me to know when it has been built ?
    On the other face, it is written
    Facteur de pianos et harpes
    du Roi et des princesses
    13-21 rue du mail paris

    A.Buron from France

    carl-swanson on #68019

    Jean-Michel Damas is very knowledgable about French Erard serial numbers. Jakez Francois may be able to help you too. There is a French harp technician named Francis Darrigrand who has his own hand copied list of serial numbers and he can probably tell you to the day when your harp came out of the factory. Sylvan Blassel may be able to help you as well, or to put you in touch with M. Darrigrand. Hope that helps.

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