Franz Liszt – Consolation No. 3 – Sylvain Blassel, harp

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    Alexandre Budin on #148372

    Franz Liszt – Consolation No. 3 – Sylvain Blassel, harp

    Written in 1849 as Chopin passed away, the Consolations divulge a slightly gloomy Liszt, almost sad. As he was writing a book in tribute to his Polish colleague, Liszt seems to have adopted his deceased friend’s language, especially in this third consolation, probably the most popular of all six pieces.

    Sylvain Blassel performs this third Consolation, S.172, on a gothic styled, twisted column Erard harp from 1907.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #148373

    Another stunning performance. I can’t wait to hear Sylvain and meet him in person in Vancouver this summer at the World Harp Congress.

    Alexandre Budin on #148374

    The arrangement of Sylvain Blassel of this work is now available for download on this page: Liszt Franz – Consolation N°3 (Sylvain Blassel)

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