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    laura-palmieri on #150076

    Are there any harp collections that include pop songs that Frank Sinatra would have sung? I tried arranging the piano version of “The Best is Yet to Come” but it was kind of hard. For one of the weddings I am playing, the bride wants Frank Sinatra type songs. Any suggestions of suitable music for harp that wouldn’t be too tricky? Any favorite songs I could play?

    Karen Johns on #150077

    Hey Laura :-)
    I found an arrangement for pedal harp at Melody’s for “It had to be you”. This song was sung by Frank Sinatra. You might want to look at Ray Pool’s ‘The Harpist’s Fake Book’ which is also at Melody’s. Lots of songs like “Misty”, “Embraceable You”, and “Fascination”.
    Hope this helps!


    unknown-user on #150078

    Stella Castellucci has great arrangements of those era songs –

    tonie-ogimachi on #150079

    Please let us know if you find anyone who has done an arrangement of “Fly Me to the Moon.”

    laura-palmieri on #150080

    Hi Karen:) Nice to hear from you!

    I have the songs “Misty,Embraceable You, It had to be you” . I have lots of Gershwin stuff too, but I think I might take a look at Ray Pool’s Fake Book. Tony, I was looking for a nice arrangement of “Fly me to the Moon” also. I also like the song “Come Fly with me” and “April in Paris” but I didn’t know if there was some arrangements of these already or some other favorites that I would be missing in my collection. I Love Stella Castelucci’s arrangements! I have some if not all of her solo sheet pop arrangements. Any other suggestions of good big band songs?

    tonya-a on #150081

    I have a very fun arrangement of Fly Me to the Moon done by Charlie Bird & Susan Peters……….somewhere :-)

    tonya-a on #150082

    I have a very fun version of “Fly Me to the Moon” arranged by Charlie Bird and Susan Peters……somewhere :-)

    wendy-willis on #150083

    Yeah, if you can get your hands on the Swinging Harp Series by Susan Peters and Katbird.

    wendy-willis on #150084

    Correction_ easier than Veryle Mills.

    wendy-willis on #150085

    Skaila Kanga has a great book of jazz favorites as well.

    laura-palmieri on #150086

    Thanks Wendy! Hey I was wondering if you are from Michigan around the Detroit area? I hear about different harpists playing around this area but I never catch their names. Have we met before? It’s always nice to find out who the fellow Michigan harpists are :-) I will check out the Michigan Harp Center this week and look through Kelly’s music. And thanks Tonya, I will check that arrangement of “Fly me to the Moon”.

    wendy-willis on #150087


    barbara-fackler on #150088

    Here’s a list of all the Sinatra tunes that I keep in my repertoire. They all work fairly easily. I put together a list of Sinatra tunes because I get asked so often which Sinatra tunes I know. Once I did the research I was surprized how many I had and didn’t know it. I hope this helps.

    laura-palmieri on #150089

    Wow, Barbara thats a good list. Did you arrange most of those? If I had the time I would, but I was hoping there would be some harp arrangements of those already. I’ve purchased a bunch of those songs through but I think I’ve gotten tired of playing them as well. I guess I’m gonna use the ones I have and slowly work on arranging piano versions for harp in the future. Wendy I talked to Kelly at the Michigan Harp Center today and she said she hasn’t finished printing the music yet. I’ll try Sharon Watson too. Thanks!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150090

    You might be interested to know that Fly Me to the Moon was originally published in 3/4 time, not 4/4 latin rhythm.

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