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    I have looked everywhere for this answer, no luck.

    If a phrase is identified as a, then repeated exactly but an octave higher or lower, is the next phrase a or a’ ?


    Sherry, my own opinion, not learned anywhere or read in print, but useful to me in my own harp study and teaching: if that second phrase is not exactly like section A, then it must be A’. If the similar phrase is used later in the same piece but slightly altered from A and A’, I call it A”. Perhaps this would work for you also.


    I think it depends who you are writing for. If it is a school, they should have a set system for designation. Each school often has its own. If you are doing it for yourself, use your own system, just be consistent. I tend to use letters for phrases, A, B. I would logically think of A1 as being the first phrase, not the second.


    I’m taking a college course. The first time I took the course (45 years ago) the teacher was a very nice man with a wonderful bass voice who was a terrible teacher, and I learned nothing except how many symphonies Mozart wrote.

    This is the system in which the phrase is identified as ( a ), two phrases are a period, identified as ( A ), antecedent and consequent phrases and so on.

    My specific question is whether a phrase that is repeated exactly can be referred to as the small letter designation alone, or whether it should be called smaller letter prime ( a’ ).

    I doubt that the teacher (excellent) who is teaching this is as OCD about it as I am, but I have a 4.0 average and I do not wish to louse it up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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