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    Hey Barbara – got that new book finished yet? Can’t wait to get it!



    Hi, Kay. Well, it’s mostly done, but I’m still negotiating for the rights to one of the pieces. Thanks for asking.


    What will the next book be focused on?


    It’s going to be pieces for the people who’ve been playing a while and are ready for something with a little more meat on it–in other words, some of them are pretty demanding. It will include some well known pedal harp literature and a couple of popular classical pieces that were too difficult to go into the Classics on Request books.

    I’d rather not say exactly what yet, partly because I really haven’t completely decided–there are a couple of pieces that are under copyright that I’d like to include if I can get permission. One is quite long so if I can’t get the rights I may include a couple of shorter pieces in its place.



    I noticed you have Satie’s Gymnopedie #1 in one of your classics books.


    I wouldn’t describe anything in Classics 1 as “advanced,” but at the time the book was published, I guess it was kind of advanced, at least for levers, compared to a lot of what was out there, and given that a lot of places rate “advanced” for lever harp as roughly equivalent to “three months playing experience” for pedal harp.

    The notes are very easy as long as you’re comfortable with four note chords, but if you haven’t yet moved any levers while playing, I guess the levers could be considered a bit more advanced. I’d rate that arrangement as lower intermediate, myself.

    Kolacny’s does carry the book, so hopefully you can take a look and decide for yourself.

    Indra Prabowo

    Barbara, I purchased some of your books along with my harp purchase. Right now I’m still struggle with beginning pages of Grossi’s so maybe at least one year from now I’ll be able to play some of your easiest arrangements on my Prelude . But I played them all on the piano and I find out that you’re doing wonderful arrangement and also your work has covered all the time period in classical music.

    I would love to complete my collections of your arrangement in my next annual online shopping in December and hopefully by that time you’ve already released some more books!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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