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    unknown-user on #163505

    I have just bought a fabulous cart for moving my harp, and I want to share it with you all. If you are looking for a cart, then look no farther. Last week the Lee Valley Garden Tools Catalogue came in the mail. Inside I found a picture of a cart that is perfect for hauling the harp, and the most exciting thing is that it folds when not in use to a compact 19″ by 30″ panel only 2″ thick. It carries up to 275lbs (125kg) and has a 12 1/2″ bed to carry the base of the harp. This is larger than most carts. It measures about 43″ tall when unfolded. 7 1/4″ diameter puncture-proof tires handle stairs easily. It weighs only 11 lbs. I find it easy to manage, but my husband insists on pushing it for me. Check out their web site On the ITEM SEARCH button, type, Folding Hand Truck. They are reasonly priced. My teacher says it is one of the best carts she has seen, and is perfect for the harp. They ship anywhere.

    joan-steinberg on #163506

    Have you used it with a full sized pedal harp?

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #163507

    I don’t see how you could put a full-sized pedal harp on it. There is no “cradle” up at the time to support the harp. ??

    unknown-user on #163508

    I have

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #163509

    Are you loading it on the cart sideways? By that, I mean are you putting the soundboard to one side instead of leaning it against the back of the dolly?

    unknown-user on #163510

    No, I am not loading it sideways. The soundboard leans back against a softly padded rubber handle, so the column is in the font . It comes with bungies that I wrap around it, and it is secure. There is no cradle, so if you require that, then this cart will not do.

    unknown-user on #163511

    Those wheels don’t look anywhere near large enough for more than a step.

    unknown-user on #163512

    I don’t know why I even bothered to share my excitement of my lovely harp cart with other harpists. They have done nothing but try to tell me it isn’t suitable for a harp. Well, let me tell you, it is perfect for mine. So please don’t anyone bother to write any more letters regarding it. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and I am well satisfied.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #163513

    Geez, I wasn’t doing anything but asking questions about it. Why are you so defensive? If you like it, that’s real nice. I just wondered how you were positioning your harp on it.

    You said it was fabulous….we are trying to figure out why and how. Isn’t this forum for education and sharing?

    unknown-user on #163514

    I am interested in how you made out moving your pedal harp with the Lee Valley cart. Sounds like it may be just what I need for my smaller pedal harp (Camac Clio Oriane)
    Do you think the cart could be adapted somehow with a yoke?

    unknown-user on #163515

    I like the concept.

    unknown-user on #163516

    Well, I finally made the trip from the Island

    sherry-lenox on #163517

    I just bought a cart of sorts for $17 at Staples. It has a bag for music at the back and carries up to 70 pounds, and for my lever harps that travel, it works. There was also a dolly advertised at Lowe’s that looked good to me, having bigger wheels and a bigger platform, but I don’t need that much size yet. Not at all suitable for pedal harps, whatever the size, but just fine for my small levers.

    unknown-user on #163518

    I’ve been here at the harp connection for a short time, and started playing the harp

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #163519

    After we finish paying for a harp, strings, music, repairs, there’s nothing left over.

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