Fnatasie SaintSaens op 124 Harp&Flute

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    mr-s on #147204

    Hello friends, i am now starting this beautiful piece by saintsans and have some technical questions and will be happy to hear and share your ideas about this piece

    there is Largamente in my score and it starts by no5 but my question about no 6

    the harp play f up f down and A,D so F,FA,D, and A,A,D,F etc, how to practice this part

    diane-michaels on #147205

    I have refingered much of this passage: in the first line, for instance, the left hand picks up the 2nd note of the figure starting in the 2nd eighth.

    mr-s on #147206

    Hi Diane, i can think now after your suggestion of these fingerings, bar no 6 from the octave in L.H we delete the lower A

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147207

    It is possible to play it as written, with much preparation.

    mr-s on #147208

    as you noticed Saintsans write big chords andfor big hands too, dont know really the reason,may be its a lack of understanding the instrument or maybe did that for complicating the playing process………..

    Han Hsieh on #147209


    Don’t blame Saint-Saëns and your hands, there is not thing wrong with them. During Saint-Saëns’ time, most

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147210

    And they were smaller overall.

    mr-s on #147211

    i thought only russian harps has a narrow space among the strings.

    Alison on #147212

    I am resting completely, the harps all covered up. Having spent a few weeks obsessively working on this cadenza, I overdid it, made my right wrist and elbow tendons sore and developed such a jerky action in my 4th and 3rd fingers that I couldn’t play normally or legato in other pieces for a while (very worrying).

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147213

    It is very tricky to know when one is overpracticing something. 100 times in one day is way too much, I think. 50 times is probably a good maximum. After a while, I doubt one makes progress.

    I don’t think this pieces works that well on the flute, because it goes below the range. I have heard various ways of dealing with it, the best being having a b-flat foot on the flute, but it is marvelous with a good violinist.

    mr-s on #147214

    Hello Alison, I know this video on the youtube the harpist playing it very good I like his playing, yes maybe it’s more beautiful with violin , but the violinist should be perfect.

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