Flute and harp repertoire ideas.

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    unknown-user on #149478

    My flutist and I will be giving a concert in the late winter.

    kimberly-rowe on #149479

    My flutist and I really like the first selection from Josef Molnar’s “Fantasy on Japanese Folk Songs.” It is light in nature, not too difficult, and a crowd pleaser with a big ending. It also helps ad a muti-cultural element to a concert. Good luck!

    patrice-fisher on #149480

    I have had a good response to the “Intermezzo” from Carmen.It even has a second flute part, if you want to add a guest. I sometimes play flute duets with my flutist, after spending a few moments to harmonize the second flute part with a chord accompaniement. This can rescue you from the boredom of always playing a chordal accompaniement part to the flute’s beautiful melodic parts. Patrice Fisher

    unknown-user on #149481

    There is a marvelous modern flute and harp work by Charles Rochester Young, entitled “Song of the Lark.” It was written in 1989, I believe, and is based on a painting by the same title. There are three movements (slow, fast, slow), each around three minutes long. The first and last movements are very tonal and simply gorgeous. The middle movement (“Flight”) is fast and energetic, and calls for paper to be threaded through some of the strings on the harp for a “snappy” sound. It’s a great piece and a real crowd-pleaser. (The sheet music is available through fluteworld.com)

    unknown-user on #149482

    Have you tried the arrangement of “Naderman’s Seven Sonatines” by Paul Hurst for harp and flute duet?
    The harp plays the Sonatines exactly how they were written by Naderman, Paul Hurst just made a flute part over all seven Sonatines.
    It sounds gorgeous
    Give it a try!


    unknown-user on #149483

    After 12 years in a flute and harp duo, I know that most pieces are “ditties” — too short and too stupid to program.

    unknown-user on #149484

    “Serenade No. 10” by Vincent Persichetti – lovely, lively, and count very carefully on the Vivo!

    unknown-user on #149485

    Two of my favorites are “Suite for Harp and Flute” by George McKay and “Narthex” by Bernard Andres. Both have been well received in performance.

    Lynne Abbey-Lee

    unknown-user on #149486

    Hi Denise,

    I have found the Bach g minor sonata for flute and keyboard to be very popular, also the E-flat sonata (which includes the well-known Siciliano). . .this works for oboe and harp, too.

    unknown-user on #149487

    My flutist and I have played the Young “Song of the Lark” on every recital for the past four years.

    unknown-user on #149488

    I’ve found some wonderful pieces. “Drei Tonstucke” by Willy Hess is wonderfully melodic and well written. “Arioso”-Bach/Owens is a gorgeous harp part with a great bass line, along with “Suite in D Major”-Hotteterre/Owens. Also nicely written for harp. Alot of movements, suitable for prelude music for a wedding ceremony.
    Mona Peck

    unknown-user on #149489

    There is a famous piece that always goes down well with the audience.

    Anton Sie on #149490

    A very beautiful piece is “Intermezzo” from H. Andriessen. It’s a very poetic piece and it’s written very well for both instruments.
    You could also try some sonatas from Spohr for violin and harp. Sometimes, the flute has to play an octave higher, but that’s quite rare. Op.113 and the sonata in c minor are very beautiful and suitable. The Op.113 is very difficult for harp, the sonata in c minor is much easier. Especially the first movement of the sonata in c minor is very beautiful. Then there’s the beautiful “Morceau de concours” from Faure, which sounds great on harp. He has also written “Fantaisie”, but the second part of this one is very hard on harp, with many pedals. And of course, you can play Berceuse, Sicilienne and Apres un reve (tr.)
    Chopin’s variations on “non piu mesta” from “La cenerentola” (Rossini) is very easy for harp and virtuoso for the flutist.
    Well, this response is very late, but maybe other harpists can use it.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #149491

    One of my favourites is Faur?’s Berceuse. It is somewhat pedally, but worth
    the effort. The “Hamburger” Sonata by C.P.E. Bach works very well, with a few
    adaptations, for the harp even though it is written for a keyboard instrument.
    There is a lovely Sonata for flute and harp by Krumpholz, with 3 movements.
    A lot of songs and arias can be adapted. I have a great version of Faur?’s
    Pavane, too, from a guitar and flute transcription.

    unknown-user on #149492

    Just a question: what is the difficulty of “Song of the Lark”? My flutist and I are looking for something at the level of Debussy’s trio. Is it comparable?


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