Five Variants of “Dives and Lazarus” – R. Vaughan Williams

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    ruth-landis-hunter on #62162

    I am playing this piece in three weeks. Does anybody have some helpful fingerings/changes for Variant 3? Any help would be appreciated!!

    Alison on #62163

    Yes indeed – so I’ve sent you Barbara Fackler’s version of the entire harp part which she gave me when I was desperate in 2009 and we finalised it into a really good result including corrections to the 2003 part from the score. It is an extraordinary composition and such a wonderful discovery – but VW wrote the harp part in ‘voices’ and I found it too difficult to read into two handfuls. I am listening to it again – wow. We had a thread before……
    The [?] up right is a pdf of an excerpt from a book on VW with the background to the work, from bottom of 2nd real page.

    erin-wood on #62164

    If you have a pdf of your updates Alison, I would also love a copy!

    Alison on #62165

    It’s Barbara’s so I have asked her to send it onto you, there were just a couple of fingering corrections a few days ago, and I’m not the master owner.

    mae-mcallister on #62166

    Can I also put in a request for a copy please?

    Thanks so much:)

    Alison on #62167

    sure .

    kathy-mcmullin on #142473

    I will be playing this piece in August and would love any suggestions for fingerings and/or editing for Variant 3.

    Alison on #142481

    If I could find your email I would sent this onto you – BTW the piece is difficult but not impossible so I hope they warned you ………. A

    Kaitlyn Stafki on #143982

    I’m currently playing this and would GREATLY appreciate a copy of the fingerings ASAP.

    Alison on #144128

    then email me or one of the others ! I heard this piece again on the radio today – it surely is one of my favorites, curiously it was at a much lower tempo so less stress for the harpist, but musically almost too slow – I guess one gets used to works in a certain tempo range.

    marian sussman on #183678


    I have a student who is playing this work and would appreciate any fingerings you have!

    kathylkh on #214986

    Hi Alison,

    Could I have the Barbara Fackler’s version of the fingerings for Variant 3 of Vaughan Williams’s Five Variants of “Dives and Lazarus”?

    I am suffering with the fingerings.. t^t

    Thank you very much!! Your help would be appreciate;)

    Alison on #215033

    Hi Ka, I was alerted to this last night, as it came to my personal email. Without knowing yours, all I can do is reply to harp column and attach the files, which I did, and hopefully the office will send them onto you, as I can’t see your own email on this site. I don’t think we should attach files to the site as access is unrestricted. Alison

    Alison on #215356

    It’s so wonderful to listen to, it has a restful, soothing & healing effect on me, the opposite of the difficulties playing it – there are many pieces that I am quite happy just listening to, given the luxury !!

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