First Wedding Gig

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    sidney-butler on #160340

    I am playing my first wedding gig in about a month.

    joan-steinberg on #160341

    Once the bride is up front you gracefully end your wedding march.

    sidney-butler on #160342

    That’s what I feared.

    sherry-lenox on #160343

    Please don’t fear! You don’t have to know a lot of theory. All you need to do is end a phrase, play a V/7 chord followed by a I chord, and you’re done.

    Trust me, no one who is listening will know that you didn’t play the processional exactly as it was written. It really and truly isn’t necessary to practice several different wrap up points.

    sidney-butler on #160344

    After practicing yesterday, I think what I may end up doing is skip the middle section of the Wagner.

    diane-michaels on #160345

    The rule of thumb is to play to the end of your contract or until the room is empty, whichever comes first, provided you aren’t playing the cocktail hour.

    Cheryl Z. on #160346

    Hi Sherry,

    Can the V/7 chord followed by a 1 chord be used to end any song?

    jennifer-buehler on #160347

    For an “Amen” ending to a hymn it’s a IV-I chord.


    Cheryl Z. on #160348

    Thanks Jennifer!


    sidney-butler on #160349

    Get this!

    barbara-brundage on #160350

    Both her requests, no Wagner, and Canon for the Bride, are actually very common, Sidney. You should find out which part of the Canon she wants, though, since you probably won’t have time to play much of it; does she want the slow part or the faster part?

    tonie-ogimachi on #160351

    The nice thing about using the Canon for the processional is that you can be quite flexible about the length of it, and the pacing works well for making an entrance. I also like to use Monteclair’s “Air” from “Festes de l’Eté” as an alternative to Wagner’s Bridal March. It has a “grand march” sound, and is also easier to end in various places. There’s an easy version in one of the “Medieval to Modern” books, and Suzanne Balderston’s Wedding Book has a version of this piece, too.

    lorraine-wiley on #160352


    sidney-butler on #160353

    The secret is that I have been performing since I was at least 8.

    unknown-user on #160354

    I’m about to play my first wedding too, in a few months. Luckily, the bride (a close friend) gave me plenty of time to practice. She also wants Paco Bell’s Canon but she asked me if I could integrate it with– get this– the DJ. I love her too dearly to contradict her musical choice at her own wedding, so I said yes immediately and regretted it as soon as I started thinking on the way home. Have any of you done this before? It is this DJ and he’ll be playing CDs. I’m not sure which song yet– the bride still has to make up her mind. Do you have any suggestions? Does it seem feasible? Thank you,


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