First time replacing strings – need feedback

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    jvs on #177158

    This is my first attempt at replacing strings. I have an Aoyama lever harp with 3 strings that need replacing (one string broke during transport and two others broke during tuning).

    I started out by replacing the 12th string (D). I watched a couple of videos but then found one explaining it more clearly in Dutch. I did exactly what was indicated in this video but clearly something is wrong, because when i tried to wrap the string around the tuning pin, it made a sound as if it was popping again (but it wasn’t popped). Here is the result. The end of the string is loose.

    So the problem is, I don’t know how to exactly tie the string onto the tuning pin correctly, because I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
    I’m guessing I need to tie the string in a knot on the tuning pin so the end isn’t loose like it is now?

    Gretchen Cover on #177202

    Go to Look for a link “strings.” Click around and you will find several links on the page about replacing strings and tying string knots. There are enough photos that you should be able to figure out your problem. Perhaps the page can be translated by google for you. Hopefully, someone who speaks Dutch on HC forum can help you, too.

    Donna O on #177247

    There is an excellent article in Harp Column Jan/Feb 1997. You can search the magazine on this site. For some reason I cannot get the link here. It has excellent diagrams for how things should look.

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