First public performance — and speed problems on lower strings

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    Michael Wilson on #163536

    Much to my dismay, I’ve been dragooned into playing in public for the first time around the end of January.

    unknown-user on #163537

    Hi – first question that comes to mind – are you solo accomp, or is someone on another instrument such as guitar or piano doubling your bass line – if so, and in the interest of presenting a professional quality performance, I would suggest playing

    Michael Wilson on #163538

    I was supposed to be background accompaniment while another instrument (recorder) carried the melody.

    jennifer-buehler on #163539

    I agree to keep the bass fairly simple.

    unknown-user on #163540

    I would suggest practicing at a very slow tempo, and once perfect, up it by 5-8 bpm – playing at the new tempo until it is easy (no buzzing, placement, etc.).

    Audrey Nickel on #163541

    A bit of advice my teacher gives me (in addition to the admonition to “practice it SLOWLY Audrey!”) is to play the part that gives you difficulty at least five times for every one time you play the easier parts.


    Tacye on #163542

    I agree with Jennifer that you should try playing with the left hand low in the strings.

    james-mccann on #163543


    Michael Wilson on #163544

    For those who were wondering, I made it through the performance.

    unknown-user on #163545

    Well, congratulations – your trial by fire is done and you have survived – the next one will be a piece of cake!!! – – -good job!! 🙂

    Michael Wilson on #163546

    I certainly hope so, because we just got asked to reprise it on the 7th.

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