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    lissa-avery on #168192

    Any good tips on learning to practice with a metronome for my 8-year old
    pedal harpist?

    unknown-user on #168193


    Does your student know the music- notes and rhythms correctly? If so- Try having her tap her foot. Oops- she’s a pedal harpist. Um… Maybe you count have her count out loud to herself and you could make sure her tempo and beat are correct? Most metronomes have a setting where you can just have alight flash and not an annoying *click* *click* disrupting her playing- So that would probably be your best bet. Yeah! Have the light setting on the metronome and place it on her music stand- is that doesn’t work let me know


    Tacye on #168194

    Start your daughter off with the metronome really slow- if it is too
    fast she will get out of time and frustrated, too slow and you can
    speed it up.

    lissa-avery on #168195

    Thanks everyone.

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