First Harp – help me decide

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    HBrock25 on #156375

    Hello, I had my first harp lesson yesterday and I absolutely loved it.

    jessica-wolff on #156376

    I vote for Harp 2. It goes down to 2 octaves below middle C and it has more and better sharping levers.

    christine nitsa on #156377

    Thanks Jessica, appreciate the input, unfortunatly I have found out that Harp 2 has a crack in it, thereby I am uncomfortable with shelling out that much money on a new hobby, so I will go with the 26 string Evenson for now and then if my lessons progress as well as I like, I can invest in a more expensive harp then and have a better frame of reference.

    shelby-m on #156378

    There is another option.

    j-valentine on #156379

    I would also agree with Shelby. I have the Ravenna34 and I love it. I would encourage you to get a 34 string or more.

    A. Riley on #156380

    You might also take a look at Blevins harps ( I’m saving up for a Consort 36, myself.

    Isn’t it just the greatest feeling, to make music on a harp? I’ve been taking lessons for just a few months and I fall more in love with it every day. Congratulations!!

    priscilla-kleiner on #156381

    I have had a Blevins Consort 36 for a bit over a year now. I love my harp! Priscilla

    jessica-wolff on #156382

    I got to try the Ravenna and thought it had a pretty good sound. The only thing I objected to was that you had to either stick it up on something or shoot out a thingy to turn it into the equivalent of a floor harp. I also didn’t like the look of blond wood combined with a black body, but it also comes in all-black, dark-green, or dark-red finish. Which cost more; nevertheless, good value.

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