Finger ‘pops’ into place- what’s going on?!

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    lauren-d on #149053

    I’m hoping someone knows what’s going on with my finger, and can shed some light.
    It’s my left hand, the third finger.
    After plucking a note and closing, when I go to reopen my hand, it gives me great resistance and then pops into place.

    on the view of the top of the hand, the knuckle side, those white tubes that go from the top of the hand and into the fingers… that thing (I’m no doctor and don’t know what to call them, sorry!) it’s as if it slips to the side of my knuckle and then can’t get back up. It locks into the closed position for a moment, so as you can imagine, this can get in the way of playing smoothly.

    I’ve heard of trigger finger but what happens to me isn’t painful (not to mention I’m only 18), it just makes playing more difficult and awkward feeling. If I concentrate I can usually avoid it happening but my attention can’t always be on that one finger…

    I’ve only been playing harp for a couple of months but this has been a problem basically since I started playing with the third finger. My teacher doesn’t know either and suggests I play softly until I build up the muscle.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Thank you

    kay-lister on #149054


    My suggestion would be to let the Ortho docs check you out.

    Marie Forrest on #149055

    Hi Lauren,

    I spend a lot more time reading this forum than posting; I’m totally new to the harp, been playing for 3 or 4 months now, and am teaching myself…so I don’t really have much to contribute.

    richard-hagan on #149056

    Lauren —

    You should go see your doctor.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149057

    Surgery is not the only treatment for trigger finger. However, it sounds like you have no loops to hold your tendons in place, which is what surgery would do. Somebody else posted here with the same description. Occupational therapy might be helpful.

    lauren-d on #149058

    I can’t believe all of your tendons do that. That would make playing so difficult. I’ve found that if I relax the hand, and close and open very slowly, it usually doesn’t pop and when it does it’s not as severe. Good luck to you.. thanks so much for sharing and if you have any other words of wisdom please share!

    lauren-d on #149059

    Thank you for the advice, i’m going to look into it. It hope your mom is well again and busy knitting you a holiday sweater 😉

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