Finally ready to buy a harp! But…

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    Michael H on #166756

    jennifer-buehler on #166757

    They’re both nice harps.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #166758

    Michael, are you anywhere near London? There’s a fairly new harp shop called The Harp Nest. I have met the owner, and she is a very nice woman.


    Michael H on #166759

    No, sadly. I’m from Sudbury, so the closest place (as far as I’m aware of!) is in Ottawa. Nice to know there’s an increasing number of harperies opening up, though! Also, the place in Ottawa has pedal harps! I’m hoping the owner will let me get my grubby little hands on one of them…Although, I have tend to have bad luck, what if I accidentally tip it over and destroy it? Ouf, I’m too nervous.

    The extendable leg feature in the Ravenna certainly looks interesting, I’ve seen it in action on a video. But I’m happy the Ogden has optional legs.

    Fairy Reel on #166760

    Ok, isn’t the Ogden short? I’d look into a Prelude or a Troub before the Ogden if you’re serious about approaching pedals.

    And personally, I don’t like Ravennas. But that is just me.

    You’ll love it. I’d definitely book an appointment, as this is also a great time to start picking out sheet music. Have fun, ok? Be excited! Jump up and down! Welcome to our crazy world.


    jennifer-buehler on #166761

    Not with the optional legs.

    Michael H on #166762

    Well, with the way things are going, I probably won’t be getting the harp during the summer. Maybe sometime in September though…But by then I might have enough for a Troubadour! Whoopee!

    But I have a few more questions…What kind of extras will I need to purchase? The case/bag is mandatory…Will I need to buy a proper stool and stand? No doubt I’ll purchase some music while I’m there too. Will I need to buy an extra set of strings right away? And lately I’m hearing talk of “humidifiers” is this an absolute must have for the harp?

    This is just so I can budget in advance!

    unknown-user on #166763

    There are many unnecessary accessories out there. You need a tuning key, a tuning fork or device, a metronome, a bench, and a humidifier if your house is very dry in the winter. And music and a stand. That’s about it. And a teacher. I know a good one in Toronto. I have actually been in Sudbury.

    Kathleen Elarte on #166764

    Hello Michael,

    Nice to make your acquaintance. This is Kathy Elarte of Vixen Harps in Ottawa.

    Michael H on #166765

    Yes I saw pictures of your showroom and I was immediately anxious to visit.

    I’ll contact you when I find out a date that’s convenient for everyone in the family (we’re planning a little trip to Ottawa!). My guess would be sometime in the second half of September!

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