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    catherine-rogers on #180995

    I need to update my Mac operating system but my computer is too old to take the newest OS. Does anyone know what is the latest Mac OS update that will still run Finale 2008?

    patricia-jaeger on #181754

    Catherine, have you tried this link?

    Since apparently they are a developer of Finale, they might know the answer you are looking for. Hope this helps. If not, you may need to first upgrade your Mac version; and then upgrade your Finale version. Technology changes too quickly for a lot of us! Find a professional who uses both recent versions and see if he/she is satisfied with upgrades they have recently made. Because Clinton F. Nieweg recently posted in the Repertoire category here, in reply to Books on Composing, the very interesting link to the site: that leads to the company RPMSeattle, we know there is a very knowledgeable team that is used to doing highly technical work combining use of Mac and Finale. It is way beyond a lot of us but it could be they have the perfect answer for you! Good luck!

    patricia-jaeger on #182796


    I wish some expert would soon post here to help you because I am quite am amateur using neither a Mac nor Finale, but instead a PC and Sibelius! But I am persevering and did locate There a Finale expert answered a question from sbshp who encountered a problem with his new macbook proOSX (10.9), this March, trying to install Finale 2007, Here is what the expert replied:

    “I suspect that you’re correct, and that 2007 is not compatible with 10.9. Just as a check, try installing it in a new user account. If it fails there as well, my crystal ball shows an upgrade in your future.

    Even two years ago, we were told that products prior to 2010 would no longer be supported on 10.8, so I’m not surprised that 2007 and 10.9 have problems. Sorry.”

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