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    Alison on #211159

    I am about to indulge in a few days of films and shows in a series of orchestral workshops not too far away from home, residential and sociable will be music to my ears. I grew up with my father taking parts and producing Rogers and Hammerstein shows for which I often attended rehearsals and worked backstage with my own teacher in the orchestra & my mother & I were always singing show songs at home, so hopefully I will be somewhere nearer to fun, memories and delight. The only show I have done on harp is South Pacific, I know West Side story and Symphonic Dances obviously and have played snippets of Star Wars perhaps also Korngold. My ear easily detects knows when the harp is missing when it has been edited out of scores. Also went to start of rehearsals for Oliver locally the other day so looking forward to that. It’s good to appreciate a mix of genres & the BBC have a wonderful Sound of Cinema programme every Saturday.

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