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    amyfinck on #221001

    Hi everyone!

    I am in the process of buying my first full-sized lever harp, and I just found someone selling a 2012 FH36H. I know the difference between the S and the H is the shape of the soundboard, but how much of a difference does this make to the sound? The price is $4000 CAD, which is about $3090 USD. Does this seem like a good deal

    Thanks in advance!


    charles-nix on #221009

    Perhaps the manufacturer would have a good description of the difference in sound: https://manufacturing.dustystrings.com/harps/browse-models/fh36h

    Personally, I suspect there is more difference from one harp to another (and one player to another) than choosing based on model or wood species. The most significant difference is how _you_ play. So, you need to play it and listen.

    Considering the new cost, and that one regularly sees them listed for more than that amount, it looks like a good price. If it is a good instrument, it likely won’t stay on the market long.

    But you need to ask some questions:
    Does it have any structural issues?
    When was it restrung? (Strings cost about $165 plus installation) When was it regulated? (Regulation is certainly needed if never done)
    Is it Loveland or Camac levers?

    And, most importantly, do you love the sound _you_ can get from the instrument?

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