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    Sylvia on #257096

    Have any of the harp companies come up w/something better than wrap felts?
    I mean something sane…like you can put on w/out taking off the base.

    balfour-knight on #257138

    Hello, Sylvia,

    Camac has solved this problem on their harps. They use carbon-fiber sleeves around the pedals, which rarely, if ever, need to be replaced. Unfortunately, you have to have a Camac harp to get this feature. I don’t think that it is available on other brands of harps.

    Harp Hugs,

    Sylvia on #257139

    They won’t just slide on?

    Pedal wraps for concert harp

    balfour-knight on #257141

    Sylvia, it says they are only for Camac harps. Sorry!

    charles-nix on #257207

    Those look like silicone rubber tubing wrapped with leather. The tubing is available in many sizes and wall thicknesses. Looks like they took the tubing, wrapped it with suede leather, glued it down, and cut to length. Some other makers use rubber also for a padding layer.

    You could probably find a combination of tubing and leather that would work on your harp. You _will_ have to regulate afterward.

    It will wear (as does felt) and go out of regulation, and you’ll still have to regulate when you replace it. Can’t replace felts without regulating also, and you have to have the base off to correct the under/over motion at every regulation, so I don’t really see what one is gaining. A little savings in waiting for glue to dry, maybe. On a Camac, with their cable system, it may make things simpler.

    balfour-knight on #257223

    Hi Charles!

    I will add that the original cushion-wraps on Camac harp pedals are NOT these that are pictured–these are alternative leather wraps. The original ones are almost everlasting, from what I have heard and read, and you have to ask Camac directly to get replacements that are like the original carbon-fiber (or Teflon) wraps. The Camac manual states “Changing them should not be considered until there are clear signs of wear. When this occurs, ask us, and we will send you a replacement set.”

    Glad to see your posts!

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