Favourite pieces that are too hard for you!

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    unknown-user on #158626

    I have this thang for the faure Impromptu. It’s way way too hard for me but I can’t resist trying to play bits of it anyway…

    What is that piece or pieces that you are just mad about and can’t resist trying to play even though you know

    unknown-user on #158627

    That happened to me last summer really bad! But it wasn’t long before I had learned all of Piece Symphonique though…


    deb-l on #158628

    Nataliana – but I’ll get it, it will just take a while of learning bit by bit.

    deb-l on #158629

    There are the pieces I know better than to even try, Debussy Claire de Lune and Ortiz’s more advanced pieces, that I just take out and look at and scheme maybe someday.

    Karen Johns on #158630

    The list is way too long for me to attempt. I have all these little sticky tabs pasted on pages of books- green is for learned, yellow is for learning, and red is for wishing!

    One song that I would LOVE to play but is just out of my reach is Moonlight Sonata- I just can’t seem to wrap my mind (and fingers!) around all those lever flips. So I have set it aside for now, but I know it won’t be long until I pick it up again and think “maybe now?”

    I have to say this, though. Pieces that two years ago I would never have attempted now flow easily from my fingers. When I get discouraged at my attempts to learn difficult music I pull out those pieces I have mastered and tell myself “If you can do these, you will also be able to do those”.


    unknown-user on #158631


    Rachel on #158632

    I haven’t encountered Cecile Corbel’s sheet music.

    unknown-user on #158633
    deb-l on #158634

    Rachel, I love playing Cecile Corbel’s music.

    tony-morosco on #158635

    Debussy’s Dances. I could probably learn to play all the notes with enough time and effort, but I would never be able to play it well. Just the same, I play around with parts of it from time to time. I love it so much.

    unknown-user on #158636

    Yes! The Debussy Danses are really so beautiful! When I first got my harp I got a copy

    unknown-user on #158637

    Oh, and what is your favourite recording of it?

    leonard-lim on #158638

    Salzedo’s Variations on a Theme in the Ancient Style is, hands down, my favourite.

    sherry-lenox on #158639

    Nino Rota’s Sarabande and Toccata…..so difficult I’m not even sure I should listen to it, much less try to play it.

    tony-morosco on #158640

    Yolanda Kondonassis’ recording of it. It appears on a couple of her CDs, most notably Debussy’s Harp.

    I think she really captures some of the more subtle aspects of the piece, like the dynamic variation within the opening chords. Very tricky to get right, and she just nails it.

    But I have to admit, the best version I ever heard was live, performed by Doug Rioth. I wish that man would make a recording. He is phenomenal.

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