Favorite lever hymns?

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    jennifer-buehler on #162498

    I’ve really been enjoying learning Frank Voltz’s Sweet Hour of Prayer and Ray Pool’s Six Celtic Hymns.

    Audrey Nickel on #162499

    I absolutely love the Irish hymn “Mo Ghrasa, Mo Dhia” (you’ll have to imagine the correct accent on the “a” in “ghrasa,” since this forum script doesn’t support it).

    jennifer-buehler on #162500

    I took me a while to find it but I was able to listen to a sound sample on iTunes and it looks like the music is in the celtic fake book.

    Jerusha Amado on #162501

    Hi Jennifer!

    Thanks for asking!

    jennifer-buehler on #162502


    alice-freeman on #162503

    Is “The Call” that Harper Tasche played the same tune as the one written by Michael (Misha) O’Hanlan?

    jennifer-buehler on #162504

    It’s Vaughan Williams.

    patricia-jaeger on #162505

    You could look at the collection of 21 traditional, rather than contemporary hymns, that comes with a CD (harp part performed by Danielle Perrett of London)enclosed with all of them in order, played twice. Publisher is Herald Music, title is “Familiar Hymns With a Friend”, and no change of levers are needed once each hymn is started. Arranged my myself, and available from most major harp music dealers in the U.S., Australia, England, and Germany. Solo flute with accompaniment works fine, or if you want to add 2nd flute, viola, and cello, the parts are all there and it will be more full.

    kay-lister on #162506

    Rhett Barnwell’s “It is Well With My Soul”

    jennifer-buehler on #162507

    I’ve heard good things about his stuff but haven’t had the chance to look at it.


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