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    Jerusha Amado

    Hi all!

    What is your favorite harp wood and why?



    Hi Jer,



    It depends in what way, looks or sound?

    Since pedal harps are mostly made from maple and veneered with other woods the final veneer doesn’t have that much of an effect on the sound and is primarily cosmetic. In that case I like Cherry and Ebony.

    For lever harps where the many of them are made from the solid wood which has a greater effect on the sound I like Cherry and Black Walnut, but most of all I like Koa. Unfortunately Koa wood is hard to get these days so I don’t think too many harp makers are producing lever harps out of Koa anymore.

    Jerusha Amado

    Looks or sound–either is fine!

    Why do you like Koa wood?



    The few harps I have heard made of it had very clear and bright tones without being brittle sounding. That combined with the way the wood looks makes for a winning combination.

    I have a few wood pieces made out of it, and I have a copper press print of Maui framed in it. It is just a beautiful wood.


    I don’t like red woods. They seem to darken the sound too much. Red spruce, red maple, etc. I just want maple and spruce.

    Seoid OC

    Does anyone have any opinions on using beech to build a (lever) harp out of?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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