Faure Requiem – chamber version

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    Alison on #186837

    I though I’d read about it here first, but perhaps not……
    Faure Requiem has been arranged by David Hill for violin, cello, organ and harp & has quite a lot of ‘piano’ in the supplementary harp parts, including sustained tied notes, (taken from the lower portion of the piano reduction in the SATB score) so no tacets. In II-Oratorium I wasn’t sure of the fit of my part to the overall harmonies in some of the chords in that movement, but otherwise really nice to perform. A lot of work to mark up new part, 14 pages, not only because the transcriptions differ slightly from original harpy bits but also required edits of split figures back into chords etc. Having found my SATB score I now understand these queries and fumbles and so made a few more changes for next time. It was good to perform and so much easier in a church with fewer players. So often the harp’s excluded.
    (SATB/Chamber Organ/Violin/Cello/Harp Score and Parts

    Alison on #186916

    Yesterday we were treated to a recording of Faure’s original liturgical version from circa 1888 or 1893 and it was really lovely, I kind of felt I’d gone to heaven and momentarily wished I could stay there…… I would say the organ has a greater voice over the orchestra and yes harp was audible, just. Steven Cleobury’s direction I think.

    patricia-jaeger on #187302

    Alison, there is now a solo pedal harp version of the In Paradisum section of Faure’s Requiem, published by Herald Music, now distributed by Vanderbilt Music Co. Inc.in Bloomington, Indiana.

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