Fascinating traditional harp video on YouTube

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    Audrey Nickel on #159299

    The middle section is particularly interesting, where you see very close up the differing playing techniques between the traditional Irish and Scottish wire strung harp and the lever harp, and, of course, hear the differing sounds.

    Christian Frederick on #159300

    Yes, very fascinating. Thanks for posting!

    harpglo-jean on #159301

    Wow! thanks for sharing this “History of the Harp” YouTube series…very interesting and informational! will share it with my harp rings…Thanks Audrey!


    kreig-kitts on #159302

    I can’t believe it’s been out there almost two years and I never saw it. I’m making my way through the whole series.

    Audrey Nickel on #159303

    My teacher sent me the link.

    Audrey Nickel on #159304


    Audrey Nickel on #159305

    I must say, it surprised me a little that she didn’t discuss the two kinds of harps that people today are most likely to see…lever harps and pedal harps.

    Karen Johns on #159306

    That is the first time I’ve ever heard a bray harp. Now I know what the buzzing means! It sort of reminds me of an acoustic guitar- very soothing. Nice of you to share these videos- I’ll have to spend some time going through them as well. Cheers!:-)


    Audrey Nickel on #159307

    I thought that Ethiopian lyre was rather cool…kind of like a harp meets a didgeridoo!

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