Fantasie Hasselmans in D flat majorfor Harp And Orchestra

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    mr-s on #147274

    Hello , i have this score of this piece its a hand writing old papers got it from a russian friend harpist when i studied there, written Theodore Dubois may its the reductor or the publisher ,dont know, the music seems interesting its for Harp and piano i have but interested to know if you can tell if there is a new publication of it and where to find? . Thank you.

    carl-swanson on #147275

    Theodore Dubois(1837-1924) was a French composer at the time of Hasselmans and Faure. He was also President of the Paris Conservatory for much of the time that Hasselmans taught there. He was definitely a follower of Faure and not Debussy, so he was very much an old school academic composer. It’s no surprise that he wrote something in tribute to Hasselmans.

    I was not aware of this composition and would be interested to hear it. I’m not aware of any publication of it. So you may have something very rare indeed. I’d be very interested in hearing it.

    mr-s on #147276

    Oh Dear Carl thank you for telling me that i have a precious score.i should take care of the old papers i will try to scan it and copy it to use the copy ,hope the papers will not get damage through the process. I tried the music a little its beautiful remind me of Saintsans music .

    mr-s on #147277

    Hi Clinton , thank you for your informations, i will try to send you the first page the harp and piano are in the same page.

    paul-wren on #147278

    I would love to find the harp part for the Dubois. I have the score which I came across many years ago at an estate sale. I played thru it using the score and thought I was a nice piece and always wondered what it sounded like with the orchestra.

    paul-wren on #147279

    Also the score for the Dubois is available in the PD and a is on the IMSLP website.

    MusikFind1 on #147280

    Theodore Dubois (1837-1924):Fantaisie for Harp: Dedicated to Alphonse Hasselmans.
    As we can see on the full score title page, the harp and piano edition reduction by the composer was published at one time, so this is not a rare publicaton.
    It was reprinted in 1998 ed. no. 730. Originally published: Paris : Heugel, c1903. Pl. no. H. &Cie. 21,478.
    Description: 1 score (33 p.) [piano] + 1 part (16 p.) [harp]; 31 cm.

    Kalmus does sell the harp solo part only: A5696 $10.00
    [And the orchestra score and parts as listed in the previous post]

    patricia-jaeger on #147281

    Dear Mr. S.

    I used to have this harp part, 16 pages long printed in France, but in August 2002 I gave it away to someone who needed it more: Anna-Maria Ravnopolska,of Sofia, Bulgaria.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147282

    We could so use a timeline to place all harpists in musical and historical

    patricia-jaeger on #147283


    The last I heard, Roslyn Rensch was compiling a “Harp Family Tree” of historical harpists and their prominent students, hopefully from as far back as possible, up to the present day. I gave her a list that Erich Schubert (now deceased) wrote out tor me, that went back as far as Max Saal, his teacher in Germany. I think Patricia John (Houston) also contributed names. Hopefully others will come forward providing their own lineage, and we would all be able to read such a chart in American Harp Journal some day. There already exists a list in the field of violin, in print,

    mr-s on #147284

    Hi Patricia, you know that Max Saal, was the teacher of Vera Dulova? but i would like to know who was the teacher of Max Saal and wich school he used to teach? the french should be but not sure.

    bob-litterell on #147285

    I have a copy of the harp solo part from Kalmus; and also the harp and piano reduction from the original publication (Heugel).

    HBrock25 on #147286

    Max Saal (1882-1948) was student of F. Poenitz in Berlin. It is written so in Dulova’s book ” Art of harp performing”. I have no other information.

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