Fake it until you become it

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    Gretchen Cover on #188225

    Because I cannot practice due to my injured finger, I have lots of time to catch up on reading, etc. I encourage everyone, especially those who deal with stage fright or just lack of confidence in his/her playing, to read Emily Granger’s blog “Fake it until you become it.” She features a TED talk by Amy Cuddy about body language and using “power poses” to gain confidence and change stress hormones.

    Andelin on #188237

    I just watched the TED talks video she posted. It was great! I’m going to ask my 13 year old to watch it. :). I bet Amy Cuddy is an amazing person…more to her than you see from the video.

    Emily Granger on #188254

    Gretchen, Thanks for sharing this! I’m so glad both you and Andelin enjoyed it. Seriously life changing! I hope more harpists watch this and are able to share with more and more. I would also love to hear from you about your favorite inspirations: books, podcasts, videos, etc!

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