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    rod-c on #160247

    Can anyone recommend one of the fake books containing pop music for pedal harp?


    Rod C.

    patricia-jaeger on #160248

    Rod, Lyon and Healy publishes Easy Fake Book for Lever Harp by Louise Trotter, easily filled out by a pedal harp player, given the good chord symbols printed in the popular selections. Another fake book I like is not popular music, but: The Classical Fake Book published by Hal Leonard Corp., $19.95,

    unknown-user on #160249

    Ray Pool has some fake books as well:

    jennifer-buehler on #160250

    I have two fake books that might fit your bill.

    rod-c on #160251

    Hi guys:

    Thanks for these recommendations. I will check them out!

    Rod C.

    tony-morosco on #160252

    The Hal Leonard company puts out a ton of decent fake books in many genres.

    Three I have that are easy to work from and have a lot of good pop music are

    The Easy Fake Book

    The Simplified Fake Book

    Your First Fake Book

    Deborah O. on #160253

    Tony…..I would like to ask you if the Celtic Fake book you have has a lot of songs with accidentals?

    I do have some other Fake books and just love them but some songs have a lot of accidentals and I don’t like having to switch levers during a song if I can help it so I don’t play those songs at all.

    If the Celtic Fake book doesn’t have too many I may consider purchasing that one too….so I would appreciate your opinion on that.


    harpglo-jean on #160254

    Hi Deborah,

    I also have the Celtic Fake Book and it was the “best” investment I ever made in a music book! hardly any “lever flipping” within songs, and they are mostly in the keys of “G” and “D”…..I’ve used this book over and over again, and have gotten many compliments on the songs…..

    tony-morosco on #160255

    I checked through it because there are just so many tunes in it I haven’t even learned a fraction of them yet.

    The vast majority have no accidentals. A few do but they are a definite minority.

    It is a great book.

    Deborah O. on #160256

    Tony & Gloria…….Thanks so much for the info on the Celtic Fake Book. I think I will put that one on my “Must Have” list. I am still researching more Fake Books that have few accidentals.


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