F pedal squeaking

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    Victoria on #190300

    My F pedal just started squeaking recently when I move it from natural up to flat position. Nothing when I am moving it down from flat-natural or up/down between natural-sharp though. Any ideas and suggestion on how to fix it, please? Thanks in advance, everyone.

    Sylvia on #190313

    I’m writing to move this to the top so maybe some of the harp techs will see it.
    My Aoyama Etude has squeaks, but she’s pretty old. I greased everything down there…pedal springs clear to the fulcrum, etc….and I still get them. I did NOT take the springs off, as shown in videos….too scary. They stretch when you move them to sharp, so I figured that was good enough.
    So I’m wondering what kind of harp you have.

    Alison on #190314

    It’s probably the spring – a little bit of sewing machine or bike oil will do. WD40 too but is more likely to drip on your carpet. Sometimes the sprint is fouling (catching) the pedal rod and the arms of the spring needs a little bending with pliers to clear the rod……

    Victoria on #190326

    Thanks very much, Sylvia and Alison 🙂 I will try oiling the spring, but which part of it to be exact? Sorry if its a silly question, as I have never done it before 🙂

    Oh and my harp is a Salvi Daphne, Sylvia.

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