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    bethany-billingsly on #61345

    i have an audition tape due in a day and i need a piece composed by this guy named bach…. are there any pieces that are easy to learn in like a day or something? maybe even an hour. i’m a little hung over so whatever is easy would be great! hopefing to get into rice and curtis on this beauty.

    katie-buckley on #61346

    Can’t think of anything by Bach that is easy on the harp, sorry :-/

    jennifer-buehler on #61347

    I sincerely hope this is a joke…

    Abigail Kent on #61348

    I’m sorry to tell you this, but I don’t believe there is an opening in harp this year at Curtis… unless you’re talking about a different one than the one in Philadelphia. Bach, as you most likely know, is one of the hardest composers to play well. Maybe try a slow Alamande from the Bach-Grandjany etudes…but those aren’t very easy, either. Also, I don’t know why you have to record these pieces so soon…harp usually does not require pre-screens for music schools.

    Tacye on #61349

    Did PDQ Bach write anything for harp?

    carl-swanson on #61350

    This can’t possibly be serious.

    hester-musicologist on #61351

    Hmmm……thinking about deleting this one, but let’s see if anyone has any good answers first! It could be a good conversation starter…

    Donna O on #61352

    Could it be that Saul is bach?

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