Exposed harp in Nutcracker

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    Jennifer Yoneji on #151192

    Thank you to everyone for the comments on the Nutcracker cadenza. I really appreciate your insights. Now, could you also tell me where, in addition to the cadenza, the harp is exposed during the piece? As you’ve probably guessed, I’m playing this for the first time. Any additional comments or suggestions you have will be welcome. Thank you!

    Mel Sandberg on #151193

    If you are playing in they symphonic suite, no, the rest is almost nothing.

    Jennifer Yoneji on #151194

    Thank you, Mel. It is the full ballet.

    rosalind-beck on #151195

    Jennifer, I highly recommend that you get some CDs of the complete ballet. I would consider just about all of the ballet “exposed.” Main numbers in Act I: The Pine Forest in Winter, especially the descending arpeggios at the end of that number and Snowflake Ballet.

    Jennifer Yoneji on #151196

    Thank you, Rosalind. I thought it all sounded so familiar that it had to be pretty audible. It’s quite a workout, isn’t it?

    Fearghal McCartan on #151197

    Hi, there is quite an old, but still very good live recording of the full ballet by the Bolshoi Theatre Orch. I have it back home and will have a listen through and let you know when else the harp is busy. There are a few other places from what I can remember but I can’t remember which movements offhand.

    Hope this reply isn’t too late for you.

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