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    unknown-user on #163046

    does anyone own/tried/have had experience with the Triplett sierra (30 string) harp [fully levered].

    unknown-user on #163047

    sorry…that was a little general….
    specifically i ment,
    – Sound quality
    -quility of the general harp
    -how often (approximately) you change the strings


    Janna B. on #163048

    I haven’t had any particular experience with that harp, but the rule for changing strings would be the same for all harps.

    Leigh Griffith on #163049

    I have a 34 string Sierra that I love. I did have the same three strings in a row break a couple times and I just got three new strings from Triplett saying that they had changed those strings, but were now going back to the original strings. So far, I haven’t put them on yet, because the last set is still good. Triplett has been very prompt, courteous, and upfront – a joy to work with. I highly recommend them.
    PS – I’ve been “gone” awhile due to computer problems.

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