Experience with David harps?

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    avdhoeven on #226255

    Currently we are looking around a bit for a pedal harp for our son. Quite close there is a David 47 strings pedal harp for sale. I have been looking on the internet but can find almost no information or experiences with these harps.

    Are there people here playing these harps or people who do have experience?


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    Tanya Hill on #226260

    I have had no personal experience playing these harps.

    But here is a link to David Harps website which may be a little helpful!


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    avdhoeven on #226263

    Thanks! I had found that site already, but I would like to know if people also played them. There is little to none info about experiences with these harps on the internet.

    Gretchen Cover on #226264

    I would contact David harps and ask if there are any harp owners near you to try the harp and learn more. I would certainly look at the harp that is for sale. You may also want to post your question on Facebook Harp Exchange and also Harpists Around the World.

    Tacye on #226270

    I have played David harps briefly at an exhibition and was impressed: liked the tone, responsive instruments.

    avdhoeven on #226288

    We said yes 🙂 He’s so happy… Next week we will get it.

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    emma-graham on #226290

    Congratulations! It looks beautiful. Like Tayce I tried them at an exhibition and found them to have a really lovely sound.

    Tanya Hill on #226291


    Gretchen Cover on #226292

    What a BEAUTIFUL harp. Please post a clip when you get the harp. Congratulations! David looks so happy.

    balfour-knight on #226304

    Congratulations Davy! We are so pleased that you have a gorgeous pedal harp and can realize your full potential. We are so happy for you!

    Harp hugs,
    Balfour and Carol Lynn

    avdhoeven on #226409

    Thanks for the nice replies! We will pick up the harp tomorrow, so he’s really looking forward to that!

    balfour-knight on #226416

    The waiting must be terrible for Davy! When we found our beautiful grand piano many years ago, it took two weeks before they could deliver it to us, and I was a “basket case,” ha, ha! So, we completely understand having to wait. Best of luck to you all and we know that the harp and Davy will make BEAUTIFUL music soon!
    Harp Hugs,
    B and CL

    avdhoeven on #226773

    Here is a first quick video made with my phone of the sound of the harp. Davy is so happy with it!

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