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    kay-lister on #151947

    This is directed to the pros AND the amateurs as well.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #151948

    Well particularly for the harp, the only thing I do is stretch out on a gadget that you lie on and it arches your back and relaxes the hips and then I just do floor stretches, but all after I play. Regularly I go to the gym — every other day — and do workouts for my upper body, abs and legs along with cardio mostly so that I can stay healthy, hoist my pedal harp around and continue to walk limberly with advanced arthritis in my hips. So far it’s working just fine.


    tony-morosco on #151949

    I don’t understand why the harp would cause this. You play

    Dwyn . on #151950

    Kay — As a former advanced ballet student and later a gymnastics coach, I would recommend making a big priority out of achieving identical flexibility on both sides, as well as the greatest possibly flexibility.

    diane-michaels on #151951

    Strength training for individual muscles (front, top and back of shoulder, for instance) + stretching are obvious, as stated above.

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