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    julianna-kocher on #234131


    I’m looking for an actual harp part for “Evita”. Does anyone have more information about whether this exists and how to get my hands on one?



    MusikFind1 on #234134

    Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice
    Orchestra parts on rental from
    There is no harp part published per the instrumentation list on the website.

    julianna-kocher on #234135

    I’m working with a theatre. They are doing Evita in the spring. We will be recording the score with a full orchestra for use in the production. I will be playing harp. I find it hard to believe a harp part doesn’t exist at all. If not, we will make one from the synthesizer parts.

    brian-noel on #234148

    Hi Julianna,

    In the original orchestration a harp part does exist. There is a lot of exposed harp in “Another Suitcase”, and the second act opens up with just harp and Eva in “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina”. No doubt that more recent productions have eliminated the harp part in favor of a synthesizer, but if you can find the original orchestration, you’ll find a nicely written harp part.

    Gretchen Cover on #234219

    Harpist Laura Sherman played Evita. Check with her at http://www.wickedharp.com.

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