Ever Have One of These Days?

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    Katheryn on #104101

    I got up late.

    I ran out of gas.

    I forgot the car didn’t have air conditioning.

    I was 15 minutes late for harp circle practice.

    I forgot my music.

    It’s only 12 pm!What else is going to happen?

    Jessica A on #104102


    diana-lincoln on #104103

    I think all of us who are human have days like this (or should I say daze). Every time I have a day like this I take a deep, cleansing breath and remember Scarlet O’Hara who famously said, “Tomorrow IS another day”. Then I can laugh and move on. Happily for us all I am not a surgeon..
    Diana L.

    Katheryn on #104104

    Well I happen to be a 17 year old and use sticky notes all the time! Anyway it was a bad day and everything is back to normal thank goodness!

    alexandra-baldwin on #104105

    Glad to hear it! With me, it is always a music stand. Asking me to bring a msuic stand to rehearsal is a sure way to ensure I’ll forget it!

    kreig-kitts on #104106

    The evening of rehearsal was unexpectedly freezing and very windy.

    I scraped the fender of the rental in the parking garage and would have to pay for repairs.

    The usual parking lot was full for a special event so I had to cart the harp in high winds over two blocks of cobblestone sidewalks.

    They decide at the last minute to keep working on another piece so the piece with the harp didn’t get touched anyway.

    kay-lister on #104107

    Well, I wouldn’t mind starting off everyday as I did this morning!

    Katheryn on #104108

    That same day I got lost and the performance I was on my way to had to be postponed a half hour just because of me! I think I am over it now. I am happy now because mom got me a new book that day also. Thank goodness for moms!

    unknown-user on #104109

    Never a day quite like that, but I’ve had my share of bad days.

    My first wedding ever was for a family member (I’m 17 also) and they had it at this ritzy restaurant. We almost ran late because of traffic but somehow we made it 10 minutes before the ceremony. The wedding was supposed to be outside but a sudden Florida thunderstorm ended that and they moved it inside. As we pulled up the rain showed no mercy as it seemed to have fun pouring inches down. There was no entrance with cover, not a back entrance or anything! The only way in was a long, narrow, stair filled board walk with no cover whatsoever. Thank God I’d gotten a Lyon and Healy harp cover two weeks before that! I would have never made it otherwise. When we got in there was hardly any time to tune, and from the cold of the car to the extremely humid tropical downpour the strings had gone wildly out of tune. I was horrified at the sound but everyone loved it, and I didn’t screw up the performance too bad. 😉 It was actually pretty nice, and that was a bad day caused by forces outside of my control so I couldn’t be too upset.

    I can’t think of a day involving my harp that made me completely miserable but that’s because I have a terrible memory. Sticky notes are my friends too, until I forget about them also. Nobody understands the toils of a memory-ridden 17 year old.

    You are not alone in your bad day and I’m glad you’re doing better now!

    — Natalie

    jessica-wolff on #104110

    When my daughter was young, I read her lots of Russian fairy tales. To this day–she’s now in her thirties–when things go wrong, she quotes “Mornings are wiser than evenings” at me, meaning essentially that tomorrow is indeed another day.

    carl-swanson on #104111

    A friend of mine who is a very fine professional harpist and whose name you would know told me a while back that she has done so many functions and weddings in her career that she now just goes on automatic pilot when loading up and going to the function. The result she says, is that almost every time there is something that she forgot. One time it’s a tuning key, another it’s the string bag, another it’s the music. “I just know,” she said,”that someday I’m going to arrive at a wedding or reception and there won’t be a harp in the back of the car!”

    Sherj DeSantis on #104112

    So mine was this morning…..I went to the cathedral with my harp teacher and her ensemble.

    william-nichols on #104113


    i have had the worst day ever. I was playing for an easter ceremony thing for my school and at first i remembered everything except my tuning key. It was a cold day so the harp was dreadfully out of tune. A new string was rather bad so I went with the worst idea in the history of harp tuning: I went to the technician and got a pair of pliers and tried to tune the sting using them. When i finally made the peg move I stupidly made it go the other way so the string sounded awful. So after about half an hour of trying to get the peg to move the right way I got the choir teacher to move it the right way luckily she had no idea what any of this meant so I got away with it. I nearly died. But even if your harp is out of tune people love it anyway.


    Katheryn on #104114

    My teacher once forgot her harp! I couldn’t believe it when she told me.

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