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    Gerrard Els on #225494

    Hey fellow harpists.

    I’ve been playing the folk harp my whole life and did exam only on my teacher’s pedal harp. Recently I’ve found an advertisement of an Erard harp for sale.
    No detail of exactly how old it is are given.

    I’ve only got these two pics from the owner, the owner herself plays and also taught the harp, according to her it is playable but has not got perfect intonation, the harp doesn’t keep perfect tune for long but has got serviced with added wires or needles (not sure what it is) inside the neck to support tension.
    Also this harp has been stored near the ocean in a humid subtropical climate.

    It is has been in the hands of a sweet old German lady for many decades so it really seems it has been taken care of well.
    Can anyone give advice if it is still worth buying such a harp? What to look for in this harp when I visit her etc.

    I’ve attached a few more pics I’ve got from the owner.

    Thanks ^^

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    Debora LaMarchina on #225514

    Hi. Did you attach pictures?

    carl-swanson on #225518

    Where are you? What country are you in? My advice is: don’t even think of buying this harp if you want something that is, and will remain playable. Everything about this instrument, especially the mechanical parts, is obsolete, and most technicians can’t or won’t work on it. If it ever does need major work, like a new neck or soundboard, it will be prohibitively expensive to get fixed, if you can find anyone at all who will work on it. At the very least, if you are still determined to buy it, first find out if there is a technician or repair facility that is accessible to you who would be willing and able to maintain it if you bought it. If there is, then have them look at it for you before you buy it to tell you exactly what condition it is in.

    Gerrard Els on #225527

    Hi, did you find the pictures?

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    Gerrard Els on #225530

    Thank you for your advice. We do get a technician every two years, but works on your L&L and Salvi, Venus, Aoyama type of harps.
    The harp is located in Durban South Africa, no other pedal harps are available unless you buy brand new from the shop.

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