Erard Harp

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    Fandodge on #184926

    I Believe I have an Early Erard Pedal Harp. Gilded Rams Head Decor. 64 Inch’s Tall, 35 Inch’s From Front to Back. 41 Strings 7 Pedals. Sound board is 14 inch’s At Widest Bottom Point. Would Like to Sell It. I cannot seem to get the Link to Work, It is on Craigslist under Musical Instruments, Nashville, Atlanta and Birmingham, Was Hoping Some Knowledgeable People Could Look at it, and Give Opinion On Condition and How Old. I Was Told it Could Be Very late 1700’s Early 1800’s. Thanks

    Tacye on #184951

    Here it is:
    Does it actually say Erard on it? You don’t show a photo of any inscription and off the top of my head I can’t think of a crochet mechanism Erard. Definitely interesting, but I would want to see more evidence for it being an Erard. Makers who seem more probable to me would be Blaicher or Challiot, but if it isn’t signed there is unlikely to be a definite answer.

    Fandodge on #184955

    Thank You Tacye For the Link. There is No Name Anywhere I Can Find, A Gentleman Told Me He Thought it was Erard Due to the Rams Head on the Post. I Looked in all the Shutters, and Looked Underneath the Pedals, Only thing I Found Was A Black Widow Spider! I Will Continue the Search. Thanks Again.

    paul-knoke on #184985

    This harp is a crochet action from ca. 1800 – 1825. It is not by Erard; there were a number of smaller makers producing crochet action harps well into the 19th century.

    I’m afraid the harp is not in good condition. The soundboard has been replaced at some point, and the harp has been painted over. Quite a bit of the decorations have been broken off. The metal reinforcements on the neck are a strong indication that the neck is broken. It appears that when the reinforcements were put on the frets (against which the crochets pull the strings) were removed.

    Please do let me know if you have any questions about this!

    Fandodge on #185001

    Thank You Paul For this Information. As a Acoustic Guitar Player i Can Appreciate the Craftsmanship and Love of the Instrument, As I Cannot Play Harp, I have Decided to Keep it as Antique Decorative Furniture. I Know Alot of People Frown on that, But Hey It Really Looks Good in My Great Room.

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