Elgar Symphony #2

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    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146405

    I have just spent many hours editing the first harp part to Elgar’s Symphony #2, which we are about to start rehearsing tomorrow. It is a very pianistic part, with a lot of chromatic passages and some completely unplayable sections. Has anyone else on this forum played this part? I think I may have got a good solution to it now.

    louise-vickerman on #146406

    Hi Elizabeth, wish you’d posted/emailed before you spent hours on

    louise-vickerman on #146407

    …the files are titled Elgar#1 but they are in fact #2!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146408

    I wish I had asked earlier, too! It went fine in rehearsal.:-)

    Alison on #146409

    There is a lot to do in both parts and important to understand when the harps are together and when they are on alternate beats !

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146410

    Both concerts went really well and now I have a part that works like a charm. The last page of the last movement is an absolutely gorgeous filigree between the two harps. It’s too bad that the orchestration is so thick.

    alexander-rider on #146411

    I know where to go when it comes up 😉 A

    Alison on #146412

    oh I thought I was your best supply source ….!

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