Elegiac Trio by Bax

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    wendy-willis on #151693

    I have just started working on this piece and I am having some difficulty trying to find a pattern that works for the opening arpeggios. Has anyone performed this piece without playing the low G at the beginning of each measure? It so much easier if I drop the low G.

    Camilla Pay on #151694

    Hi Wendy,
    I know this piece very well and the low G’s are a really important grounding for the arpeggios.
    My advice is to set your E to E sharp and always play the F above middle C as an enharmonic.
    Take the Bass G as a single note with your Right Hand
    D,G, Bflat & Esharp with 4,3,2,1

    wendy-willis on #151695


    This is great! Works like a charm. Thanks

    Camilla Pay on #151696

    Glad to help! C

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