Electro-acoustic pickups

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    Renee Singlemann on #69022

    I have a concert grand pedal harp and I had a Schatten Design CH-3 Artist pickup in it.

    janie-kesselman on #192628

    What do you think of your Schatten pickup?

    elisa-thorn on #192719

    I used to have a Schatten and it was ok but still gave me some feeback problems in certain situations…I recently got the Dusty Strings pedal harp pickup and it is AWESOME…albeit very expensive. I’ve also used a harp with this: http://kksound.com/instruments/harp.php
    which worked surprisingly well…looking into getting a pair of those for when I’m travelling and using other people’s instruments.

    Jodi Ann Tolman on #193981

    Can you use these pickups to record? Is it possible to plug these pickups into my DSLR camera if I have the right cables? Would that require a preamp? Or since the Schatten has an integratted preamp, would anything additional be required?

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