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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m thinking about investing in a electric lever harp from Camac. Has anyone tried the camac electric harps or others? How is the sound for you?

    All the best,


    OHHHHHHHHH, I will be SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous if you get a DHC!!!!!!!!!!!! To me, it’s the BEST!!!!!!!! It’s DEFINITELY my next harp.



    Haha! I listened to sound of it on youtube. I like the tone.


    Hi Elizabeth,

    I own a Camac Mini Blue since this year and although this specific model is a pedal harp, the electric pickup system is the same as the DHC lever harp by Camac. The only difference technically is the output configuration; on the Blue type you have 4 outputs (bass, mid, treble and soundboard) for enhanced tone control possibilities, whereas the DHC light only has 1 output.

    But I can tell you the pickup system sounds great! I can definitely recommend it.


    Deborah Henson-Conant has some really useful information about the various different makes/types of harps on her website. She explains the differences here:

    Her book “A Gurls Guide to Amplification” is a must read. I’m just taking my first faltering baby steps into amplifying my harps (simple pick up and small amp). I’m already hooked and I think I may have to leave my credit card at home when I go to the WHC in Sydney next month or I might come home with an electric harp. They are cabin size right?!!


    My teacher has an electric Atlantide, and I got to play with it a bunch. It is absolutely WONDERFUL.


    Oooooo wow. The electric harp and harps with the pick up and amp, sounds glorious! I am totally convinced. I would love to invest in an electric lever harp, but I can look into getting a pick up with a small amp. I can see how that would be incredible!

    I think this may help my harp in my church, when the Christmas’ masses are completely packed! 🙂


    Two of my harpist friends own a Camac electric and they are wonderful. Looks cool, definitely easier to transport and great if you’re playing with a band…don’t have to worry about not being heard.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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