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    Gregory Sawisky

    Hello all!

    I am looking with serious interest into electric Celtic harps. These, from how they are advertised online, appear to be built with individual pick-ups and do not have an actual resonating chamber (so without a mic and speaker it is likely as resonant as an electric guitar). Does anyone have any experience with these? Any recommendations? Anyone try adding a distortion pedal? Any and all comments are much appreciated!


    There are both electric acoustic and solid body electric harps. What you are describing is a solid body electric harp. No resonating chamber, and individual crystal pickups on each string.

    There are several makers who make them. For the main makers they are all good. It’s a matter of which you prefer personally.

    Lyon & Healy, Camac, and Kortier are the ones I am most familiar with. Mine is a Camac.

    Distortion pedals work well with them, as do most electric guitar effects. However the harp can play more notes at once over a far greater range, and electric harps sustain a lot longer than guitars. It is easy to overdo effects. With electric harps a little can go a long way. They require a bit more restraint, and a very good dampening technique, than when playing electric guitar.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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