Electric harp effects?

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    Rachael Rosenbaum on #191927


    Hello all! I recently was blessed to acquire a Grand Harpsicle, which I’ve been using as a portable acoustic harp for now. But I’m considering trying its electric capability. Does anyone have any idea if there’s some sort of pedal or something that I can use with it to make it sound like different instruments? (Sort of like an electric keyboard?) I thought that would be really fun and useful for me, as a singer-songwriter.

    Thanks much for any leads.

    Biagio on #191928

    Interesting question!
    I’d guess that the signal would have to pass from the preamp through a mixer and thence to an amplifier and the speaker. A few people to ask would be Garin Rees at Rees Harps (the maker), and Marta Cook who has toured with one.


    bernhard-schmidt on #191930

    To generate this kind of sounds with the harp, one needs a MIDI-harp.
    With a pickup at the harp you can only generate sounds on the basis of frequency changes (reverb, phaser, flanger …and such).

    Rachael Rosenbaum on #192120

    Thanks Biagio, and Bernhard, for the helpful responses!

    Daniel on #192425

    While you can’t make it sound like other instruments, you can change the sound a lot by using different effects. Walk into an electric guitar store and try some effect boards, maybe you’ll find something you like. If not, it’ll give you an idea about what’s possible and it’ll be a lot of fun hearing your harp sound like it never sounded before.

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